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You can buy some traditional Vietnamese ceramics products at 21 Cong Hoa Street, Ward 4, Tan Binh District, Ho Chi Minh City. Call 0888 032 333 or mail Gomsusangtaovietnam@gmail.com.
The traditional ceramic products of Vietnam from Bat Trang Ceramic Village. The product is very diverse and beautiful, you will find it interesting to come here.

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The Potty ry store In VietNam Ho Chi Minh City

– Here are some photos of Vietnamese ceramic pottery is very beautiful and unique.

pottery vietnamThe pottery store in VietNam ( Cửa hàng gốm sứ tại Việt Nam ) Shop Ceramics VietNames Handmade

The set of teapots, pottery Vietnam is produced in the famous Bat Trang village, Bat Trang ceramic products have been imported into the European countries in many ways. Tourists come and bring many unique products from Vietnam.

vietnam ceramics
The pottery store in VietNam ( Cửa hàng gốm sứ tại Việt Nam )Shop Ceramics VietNames Handmade

This is an ancient teapot, we call it a product of the past, reminiscent of the past. These special teapots cost just $ 10. However, if you buy it in your own country, you can lose up to a hundred dollars.

pottery shop in vietnam

The pottery store in VietNam ( Cửa hàng gốm sứ tại Việt Nam ) Shop Ceramics VietNames Handmade

– Most of the products are produced from the Bat Trang village in North Vietnam. You can buy anything here at a very cheap price, only a few dollars for a unique traditional porcelain product.

battrang vietnam ceramics

In addition, you can easily find all the culture of Vietnamese ceramics and handicrafts in here. All, with pretty good prices compared to many other locations.

What most foreign tourists like you can quite happily come here for is listed and sold at the right price.


Ceramic store in VietNam


This is an ancient ceramic pot “Chu Dau” An ancient pottery that was lost, then reconstructed in Bat Trang Pottery Village. You can see the fineness in this work. There are many other products will surely make you admire the ceramic pottery Vietnam

vietnam ceramicsThe pottery store in VietNam ( Cửa hàng gốm sứ tại Việt Nam ) Shop Ceramics VietNames Handmade


 Pottery villages in Vietnam Do you know how many ceramic village in Vietnam?

The figure is 14. Vietnam has Tho Ha, Chu Dau, Bat Trang, Phu Loi, Dong Trieu, Thanh Ha, Phuoc Tich, Bau Chuc, Bien Hoa, Tan Phuoc Khanh, Chanh Nghia, Lai Thieu, Vinh Long, Tomorrow. Four of them went into the past namely Cay Mai, Chu Dau, Phuoc Tich and Tho Ha. Nearly half of them work just fine and if there is no specific direction and development plan, the future of the village will still be a horizon. Chu Dau pottery village (Nam Sach district, Hai Duong province) is the oldest pottery village and has been in decline, flourishing, ceramic pottery exported to Europe and Japan. Chu Dau Ceramics reached the pinnacle of hand-drawing art as well as many precious glaze lines that have so far lost most of their success. At present, museums in Europe still preserve some objects of Chu Dau Pottery. The finding of this pottery from the carcasses of wrecked salvaged in the Cu Lao Cham sea indicates that the Vietnamese pottery has long been famous in the world and exported abroad. It can be said, the most elite, Vietnam most convergence in Chu Dau pottery.
pain ceramic
The pottery store in VietNam ( Cửa hàng gốm sứ tại Việt Nam ) Shop Ceramics VietNames Handmade

Bat Trang pottery village (Gia Lam district, Hanoi): The skilled potter from Chu Dau went to Bat Trang to establish a career. Bat Trang is a pottery village located on the Red River, once a high clay mound near the river so convenient for pottery and traffic, 15 km from Hanoi center. Bat Trang pottery has gone through many ups and downs and has grown to this day. It is the only pottery village in Vietnam to preserve many ancient glaze. Bat Trang ceramics are manufactured according to semi-manual.
set teathe
The pottery store in VietNam ( Cửa hàng gốm sứ tại Việt Nam )

Sp is molded from the mold and fired in a gas oven (formerly burned with wood pellets). Clay so that sx is white clay. Sp of this village inherited many quintessence from Chu Dau Pottery and also influenced much of Chinese ceramics. Today Bat Trang has more than 600 producers and mostly small and medium sized households.
vietnam ceramics


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