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– Finding good restaurants near the Tan Son Nhat airport so simple as just one click, you can know a lot of pretty good places to eat near the airport. Good restaurants near Tan Son Nhat airport, but also many restaurants where the price level is quite good as in Vietnam Com Nieu is not much. 

Restaurant Com Nieu Vietnam – Vietnamese cuisine 3 South – Cheaper food tasty rice – Southern village Space – 234 Cong Hoa Stress, F 12, Tan Binh District , 5 minutes from the airport Taxi !!! 

= >> View restaurants near the airport on the map google map: Near Airport Restaurant Delicious

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The tasty restaurants near Tan Son Nhat Airport


– With special culinary style space with very specific layout according northern village perspective, Vietnam restaurant Com Nieu polite destination to enjoy the taste of delicious food 3 regions near Golf Tan Son Nhat airport, Tan Binh District F12. 

restaurants near Tan Son Nhat International Airport

Com Nieu Vietnam Restaurants: 

= >> Eating delicious signature 3 Region 
= >> Beautiful spacious Space polite 
= >> only 5 minutes from Airport Taxi 
Service = >> thoughtful, relatively cheap cost. 

– Come to Com Nieu Vietnam to enjoy good food and professionalism in customer service, feel pure Vietnamese cuisine at Saigon area. With typical dishes and processed fairly sophisticated, professional skilled chef restaurant Com Nieu Vietnam as a destination for domestic and foreign tourists in recent years in the area of Airport.

good restaurants near the airport

– You can enjoy culinary Pot filled with rice at very little cost, which many tourists are very interested in travel. Com Nieu dishes in which you can not miss while in Saigon. Can enjoy dishes from senior citizens to retire here.

good food near airport

– Braised goby, quite delicious dishes that you should try to come here to eat. The choice at the delicious restaurant near the airport so you can keep eating enlist before continuing the journey is indeed very important to Vietnam’s rice pot you will feel the culinary flavors home, at it serves all the culinary dishes typical of the region, you can find your favorite dish on the menu of the restaurant is quite easy. The restaurant is built on the foundation Vietnamese cuisine net, so all the dishes in many areas we can spot processed professionally and correctly.
delicious restaurant near the Tan Son Nhat airport

 – Pork warehouse galangal, northern signature dish, this dish quite tasty and unique, unforgettable special flavor once you’ve enjoyed here. You can eat these dishes affordable to high end. 

gourmet restaurants in Tan Binh
– Com Nieu Vietnam, a great destination and save the cost of your trip, come and enjoy the pure Vietnamese food in Vietnam with the best cost in Tan Binh, Saigon. 

good food near airport– These delicious rice pot with a crunchy layer of yellow fire awaits diners to enjoy, the rice is cooked pots manually rather special here is the highlight without any restaurants in the area can pass Vietnam Com nieu of unique levels and meticulous in cooking. 
delicacies in Tan Binh
– From budget to luxury items have to serve the requirements of our customers, we are proud to be the propagation and preservation of traditional Vietnamese cuisine at Saigon, the love and encouragement of customers Com Nieu motivation for Vietnam can serve more dishes of Vietnam Bold more.

Tan Binh good food

The VietNam Food restaurants in Tan Son Nhat Airport


– Only 5 minutes from the airport by car, a different space with Vietnamese dishes await bold and serve you. Come with us to experience space where traditional cuisine in the most lavish turn Vietnam. Be smart consumers when choosing Com Nieu Vietnam cuisine, delicious cheap and professional.

tasty cuisine near the airport

– With the dedication and effort our employees, we are proud to be Vietnamese cuisine restaurant in Saigon the most delicious. Wish diners delicious and enjoyable trip !!!

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